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New Year, New Start

Hard to believe it is 2024. As with every new year we start to say things like "this year I will do"...

Then we try and after a few months most people dwindle away from the task they wanted to change.

Why is this? Sometimes the tasks are too much, we make our tasks too big. Other reasons are that we really do not know how to keep ourselves motivated. So this year change one thing and I do not mean saying that you will cut down on sugar, I mean choose a habit that you can directly change like:

Only eating out for lunch 3 days a week instead of 5.

When eating out skip the fries.

Having 3 specialty coffees a week instead of your current buying habit.

I will walk around my block once a week.

Add a salad to my menu.

These things do not have to be big, as we change small things we are more able to do them and keep them up.


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