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Your Health  You Matter

The standard American diet is causing many of the health problems of today. Look at the prtion sizes, super size anyone?  We have beeen shown to eat more and eat fast as we are always on the go.  

Sugar, Salt and Fat all need to be looked at and understood.  That is why we offer classes and or one on one consulting.  We put the power to choose back in your hands.  Once you have the tools to make the correct choices you will have the freedom you need to suceed in you diet and health.  Workshops and educational sessions on topics are offered throughout the year.  See the list of services below:



Weight Management

 We take a look at you and your body as a whole.  This is a great one on one consultation so you can voice your concerns.  We make a plan that fits you.

Nutrition Therapy

This is a very in depth consultation that we look at diet, label knowledge, excercise, meal preparation, stress level and relaxation.  This is for the person that wants to restart their nutritional habit. 

Supermarket Tours

We go to your local grocery store or natural store to learn how to choose the foods that will best fit you.

Quick Healthy Steps To Start Today

By starting anyone of these healthy items you are supporting your body's organs which in turns helps your overall health. 

1  Drink More Water

Water is the most important nutrient in the body.

You can go 8 weeks without food, but only days without water.  Plus it helps to flush out toxins.  

2  Buy Organic When You Can

Choosing organic produce can lowers your exposure to pesticides.

3  Excercise More

We are very seditary in today's society sitting at desks, playing games on our IPads, Smart Phones or other divices.


Learn to read labels, know what foods can fool you and throw off your levels.  Resturants what to order?  By knowing foods and ingrediants you will be better prepared to handle this condition. 

Pantry Makeover

IThis is fun, we come over to your home and clean out the cupboards and get you on a fresh start!  We organize and let you have the confidence to start your new healthy habits of cooking and eating.

Pre and Post-Natal Nutrition

Getting the body ready to carry a pregnancy or post pregnancy nutrition, it is essential that the body is supported to handle the increased nutritional needs.

4  Eat More Vegetables

Meals packed with produce can help you lower the risk for heart disease, lose weight and add more fiber, nutrients and antioxidants in your diet.

5  Cut Out Sugar

Eating too many of these empty calories has many health effects, the most obvious being major weight gain.

Pediatric Nutrition

Lets reduce the salt, sugar and fats that is are in processed foods.  Learn to label read and find the healthy foods that our children need to be happy heathly and full of life.

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